PERPS Enterprise

PERPS Enterprise

PERPS Enterprise Edition an Enterprise Grade Solution for medium and large companies in assembling, manufacturing and contract manufacturing verticals.

PERPS ERP enables you to get a 360-degree view of your business, information accessible anytime, from any part of the globe on a browser, whether from a laptop, a PDA, mobile phone or a tablet PC

PERPS ERP a multilingual ERP solution provides a comprehensive set of global functionalities, integrated ERP with solutions for Manufacturing operations, Supply chain management (SCM), Human capital management (HCM), Financial Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Project Management, Process Control, Analytics, Advanced Planning & Optimization and Document Automation.

With the flexibility to be run on premise or on the cloud, PERPS ERP can be deployed to suit your operational needs, resources, and budget, on various platforms including on-site installation, hosted, or as a SaaS or Cloud application.

With a modular approach and robust capabilities, PERPS is focussed on reducing costs, inventories, streamlining processes and scaling up responsiveness across organisations. PERPS ERP offers highly flexible and scalable industry-independent ERP software solutions designed to meet the needs ofmanufacturing, distribution, and services industries.

For global enterprises operating in multiple countries PERPS ERP represents comprehensive solution complying with the requirements of the world’s major markets through an adaptable business architecture and configurable engine approach.

Key Benefits:

  • Order to Cash process acceleration.
  • Drive innovation across the value chain.
  • Faster, better decision making with relevant data, real time reporting and personalised dashboards.
  • Improve efficiency, and reduce costs and time to market.
  • Lower cost of ownership by eliminating upfront and ongoing IT expenditures, and delivering automatic product upgrades.


  • Administration
  • Procurement Planning
  • Purchase Management
  • Manage Materials
  • Inventory Management
  • CRM
  • Sales Management
  • Import and Export
  • Recruitment
  • Human Resource & Payroll
  • Travel Management
  • HR Portal
  • Automated Document Management
  • Production Planning
  • Job Order Management
  • Quality
  • Manufacturing Execution System
  • Warranty and Maintenance Management
  • Transport Management
  • Asset Management and Maintenance
  • IT Help Desk
  • Financial Accounting System
  • Exemption Management
  • Budget Management
  • Automated Email Management
  • Dealer-Distributor- Customer Portal

Supplier Relationship Management

PERPS’ Supplier relationship management is a comprehensive approach to managing your interactions with your vendors supplying goods and services. PERPS’ SRM helps you streamline and make more effective the processes between you and your vendors just as customer relationship management (CRM) is intended to streamline and make more effective the processes between you and your customers.

PERPS’ SRM increases the efficiency of processes associated with acquiring goods and services, managing inventory, and processing materials.

PERPS SRM monitors supplier performance on metrics such as order fill rate, line item fill rate, on-date delivery, on-time delivery, and product quality on a purchase order and product basis resulting in real time vendor evaluation and work with vendors to improve overall performance. This in turn helps reduce the procurement cost, improve product and service quality and reduce the likelihood of stock outages.

The PERPS’ SRM advantage

  • Supplier segmentation through supplier profiling based on a select set of parameters like delivery schedule adherence, quality control history, transaction volumes, prices and payment terms
  • Cost Savings in procurement of goods and services aided by flexible spend analysis. Better sourcing with negotiation and collaboration.
  • With streamlined procurement, reduce human resource allocations, process errors and automate and control the process.
  • Financial and procurement policies mapped with budget and approval hierarchy based procurement
  • Monitor supplier performance and transparency

Quality Management

PERPS provides for a seamless integration of Quality Management with Sales and Purchase, Inventory Management and Production Management. Define the quality control attributes which automatically facilitates localization of the factors that need to be monitored and controlled. These capabilities are fully integrated with the other modules such as purchasing, inventory management and shop floor control function to ensure that the right quality control procedures are followed.

Key Features:

  • Quality inspection plans
  • Standard check list.
  • Expected quantitative / qualitative values of product properties Process stage based inspections.
  • Event driven sample requests, sample log-in, test results entry.
  • Approval Hierarchy based approvals of discrepancies
  • Extensive history to improve product quality
  • Identify recurring problems
  • Reduce shop floor rejections and reworks.
  • Plans for Procurement & subcontracting process (for Goods or Services Tools calibrations
  • Pre sales Dispatch Quality inspection.
  • Project Quality specifications

Project Management

Project Administration

Define, record and administer details pertaining to assets and resources required for the project. Define services-processes-tasks, the building blocks for any type of projects, covering all activities related to the project. Project wise user access ensuring restriction of unauthorized access

Project Planning

PERPS Project Planning enables project managers and team members to collaborate on projects and maintain current and accurate project status at all times, allowing managers to proactively identify and resolve potential issues with each engagement. Easily plan & manage your projects with intuitive features to help you deliver the intended business value. Focus on what matters and select actions to take.

Define material requirement and resource requirement for tasks, based on the defined work areas. Task information consists of work break down structure. Work plan can be also broken into discrete tasks defining the effort involved in each task, the actual location of these tasks. You can also record tasks that need to be subcontracted.

Project Tracking

Simple and easy interface for employees to enter hours worked and supporting timesheet information. The more manageable the process, the more likely timesheets will be accurate and entered on time. PERPS offers powerful features that improve productivity, enable better tracking and compliance, maximize the accuracy and timeliness of expense reporting and enhance the overall experience.

Manage Project / sub project status, record and track details related to project progress, resource performance, milestones achieved, effectively.

Project Billing

Define cost centres, billing and payable milestones, planned/projected revenue/disbursement details. Milestones can be mapped to Project cost centres and invoices can be generated against reported milestones. This module provides the necessary framework to calculate overall project costs as well as classified costs such as task-wise, milestone-wise, resource-wise costs.

PERPS helps you maintain tight control over the strategic direction of your projects, supporting resources effectively and ensuring that projects are completed on time and within budget. These aspects are critical components to maximize service delivery performance and profitability.

PERPS is integrated with financial accounting module ensuring accurate accounting and billing throughout project lifecycles, and streamlines time and expense management and provides extensive reporting capabilities.

Enterprise Asset Management

Get real-time visibility into your asset performance. Our enterprise asset management (EAM) solutions can help you efficiently and sustainably manage the entire asset lifecycle, improve asset usage and cut costs with powerful analytics – and even enhance environment, health, and safety performance.

  • Streamline processes by eliminating paper work and shortening work cycles
  • Reduce maintenance costs by working to standards
  • Get better visibility and improved analytics by capturing higher quality real-time data
  • Keep assets running at peak performance with shorter response times and timelier maintenance
  • Complete safety checks and follow safe work practices to protect employees

Business Challenges

  • Maximize return on assets by integrating asset management with other processes
  • Improve overall equipment effectiveness through a holistic view of performance, risk, and cost
  • Deliver continuous and proactive operational risk management Business Benefits

Business Benefits

  • Achieve superior asset performance by using good practices in asset management (including the British Standards Institution’s PAS 55)
  • Collaborate across related activities by integrating asset management processes
  • Ensure efficient asset utilization by providing asset intelligence and a holistic view of performance, risks, and costs throughout an asset’s lifecycle
  • Support fast decisions and minimize disruption by continuously and proactively managing operational risk

Key Features

  • Maintenance Planning, Forecasting & Review
  • Comprehensive Asset Registry
  • Planning, building, and commissioning assets – Integrate asset portfolio, capital project, and information management
  • Asset visibility and performance – Build a single, real-time view of plant and enterprise resource planning data
  • Asset operations and maintenance – Integrate, automate, and unify asset related data, processes, and reporting
  • Lubrication Program
  • MRO Supply Chain
  • Turnaround Maintenance Management (Managing Shutdowns)
  • Real estate lifecycle management – Contribute to growth, profitability, and Sustainability
  • Capital Asset Planning & Budgeting
  • Asset Capitalization, Depreciation, Revaluation, and retirement / Depreciation Simulation
  • Asset Insurance
  • Maintenance Budgeting and Review
  • Budget, and variance analysis
  • Asset Availability and Capacity Utilization / Asset Performance Analysis /Asset Reliability


PERPS Human Capital Management solution is an integrated set of tools to help you effectively manage your people. You can hire the best talent, align employee goals with business objectives, cultivate employee skills, measure and reward performance. Simultaneously you can automate all core HR processes to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and support compliance. PERPS HCM is a global HR & talent management solution that covers your organization’s human capital management needs from hire to retire.

Leverage PERPS HCM to automate, streamline, and extend your Core Human Resources processes. Achieve profitable growth and outperform the competition by leveraging your employees’ skills and talents, while giving them every opportunity to achieve their career goals.

  • Automate employee administration, time management, payroll, and legal reporting processes
  • Support compliance with changing global and local HR regulations
  • Understand, evaluate, and measure your workforce's contributions to the bottom line
  • Attract, hire, and empower the right people – and make new hires productive quickly
  • Pinpoint where your talent lies and train and cultivate your workforce
  • Align your employees’ goals with your overall business objectives
  • All Employee data on single platform
  • Run user defined HR reports in real time.
  • Faster decision making
  • Improved Cycle times for payroll processing, employee onboarding, and recruitment.
  • Online, real-time access, simplified use of HR services.
  • Reduction of dependency on the HR team to respond to HR inquiries.
  • Much improved employee satisfaction levels.
  • Holistic view across the organisation and easy management of HR needs.
  • 24x7 access to a host of core HR services such as employee information, leave accrual, time management, and performance appraisals.

Dealer Management

PERPS Dealer Management System is best suited to integrate OEMs/ manufacturers, dealer networks, and end-customers, synergises the entire business value chain. This smartly streamline distributors’ entire operations, while providing the manufacturer with a window into select areas of his distributors’ operations and vice versa ensuring a transparent and integrated operations resulting in a 360 degree focus on customers.

Key Features

  • A robust, proven, integrated product Dealerships
  • Features easy-to-use, fully integrated modules to suit the dealership needs in accounting, sales, F&I, parts, service, and more
  • Mobile enablement of specific scenarios
  • Benefits Suitable for OEMs and multi-franchisee dealership outlets
  • Online on-boarding, provisioning, test and certification of dealerships
  • Complete ownership including maintenance, trainings, remote helpdesk and sustenance

Transport Management

Gain control over your logistics network and empower your business to achieve significant competitive advantages with PERPS Transport Management. Powered by a best-of-breed transportation management software, PERPS optimizes load building, routes, rates and service levels, provides real-time visibility into transportation status and automates complete fleet management.

  • Manage your vehicles, equipment, trailers and drivers.
  • Automate the fleet maintenance lifecycle.
  • Improve mechanic utilization.
  • Lower replacement costs through increased warranty recovery.
  • Reduce assets and capital employed with asset tracking software.
  • Reduce parts inventory.
  • Reduce operating costs by increasing truck, trailer, and equipment utilization.
  • Vehicle tracking, roles, technical data, driver information and other details.
  • Route Plans, tracking, indicators and results
  • Tracking of Fines and Accidents.
  • Fuel Management.
  • Fleet Maintenance and Inventory Integration
  • Easy identification of any vehicle in the company
  • Permanent record of each machine activity: tracking, fuel consumption, accidents, fines
  • Tracking the duration of unavailability for machines and identify their causes
  • Optimize fleet through more efficient delivery routes
  • Increase availability rate of company cars
  • Increase fleet profitability
  • Risk Management
  • Enable decision makers to act on quantifiable facts with "numbers-based" reports.

Deployment Options

PERPS Cloud ERP suite of business applications offer multiple deployment and pricing options, including both on-premises solutions and cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms provided by our hosting partners. Whatever your preference, you have the flexibility to choose the option that's right for you.

A successful implementation of solution involves a combination of right software and infrastructure. Yet choosing the right kind of technology and infrastructure may be a daunting task as there are myriad of options while re-inventions keep happening.

Will your IT infrastructure keep pace with growth and emerging requirements of your business? Or will it integrate with a new line of business that might interest you? Or help you cut-down costs in times of adversity? Or enable you to give customers strong on-line and off-site real-time support? In a nutshell you need to weigh the options and future requirements carefully before making an investment in any Enterprise Solutions.

The decade plus experience and knowledge of understanding the nuances of global and local businesses help us continually look from the customer’s perspective and offer them the right kind of technology. Whether it is deploying new-wave technology like Cloud that offers undisputable advantages or implementing traditional On-premise model or enabling a Two-Tier ERP system, our team of consultants first understand and assess your needs before suggesting solutions.