Back office

Whether you have large multi country operations, small cafes to multi-chain restaurants., we have the perfect scalable Restaurant Solutions.

Manage your outlet & control them centrally

Create Outlets and manage them all at one place

Design Restaurant Layouts

Configure Business Rules for operations as per local Statutory Requirements.

Manage License for outlet and users.

Users and User Role Management

Centralized control over prices, inventory, offers, orders, customers and Recipes

Access all the business information you need, exactly when you need it, all at one place!

Manage Kitchen Screens & Printers.

Configure Locations

Configure Screens & Printers

Map Terminals, Dining Areas and Tables

Map Food, Menus


Keep your customers happy and loyal

Track customer preferences, spend and configure personalised promotions and offers.

Price Controls

Order Management and Replenishment.

Plan discounts, offers, coupons and membership management for an effective loyalty program.

Manage Finance and Taxes Centrally

Chart of Accounts

User Definable Payment Modes

Payment Currencies & Currency Conversion

Accounting Tree & Accounting Masters

Taxes, Levies and Tax Plans for Purchases & Sales

Taxes, VAT, GST statements.

Create and manage Menus, Food, prices and offers for all each of your sales channel for all outlets or specific outlets. Specification management empowers you can create customised specifications like size, variants, and allow you to manage pricing, inventory, Meal Packages and Recipes variant wise.

Food Grouping with ‘n’ level hierarchies

Group items by ‘n’ level categories and sub categories

Configure grouping for sales screens, sales channel wise

Create and manage Food in masters “OR” Import from Excel in bulk

Stellar Excel templates allows you to create and update Food master with information including, barcodes, description, item categories and sub categories, specifications and sales price.

Manage Food Grouping and Promotions

Configure offers and promotions individual product wise, category wise or special promotional group wise.

Configure promotions and offers sales channel wise for specific food or group of food based on parameters such as quantity purchased, presence of a loyalty card, loyalty attributes, payment type, coupons, transaction amount, and wide range of options

Manage direct purchases through material inward or inward against Purchase Orders.

Price inputs while Ordering

Multiple inwards against purchase order

One invoice against multiple inwards

Track taxes and levies.

Item Rejections and Returns

Debit Notes

Inventory Management & Valuations

Manage Inventory by FIFO, LIFO, batch, serial, expiry, warranty.

Kitchen Wastages

Store Hierarchies and Item Mapping to Stores

Min-Reorder-Max Levels

Opening Stocks and Stock Adjustments

Negative Stock Settlements and Stock Losses

Expiring item tracking

Inventory Movement Tracking

Inventory Valuation


Loyalty Product Grouping

Membership Setup

Membership Plan

Membership Points

Discount Coupons

Gift Vouchers

Enterprise Purchase

Approval Workflow Configurations

Purchase Price List

Centralised and Outlet Level Procurement

Lot Discounts

Purchase Indents, Approvals & Indent Consolidations

Purchase Inquiries

Supplier Quotations

Purchase Analysis & Bulk Purchase Order Generation

Procurement Approvals

Procurement Dashboards & Reports

Enterprise Inventory

Central Inventory Management & Distribution

Inter Store Transactions and Tracking

Track Process Losses

Stock Verification & Approvals

Status Dashboards & Reports

e-Com Order Management

Dashboard to manage web orders, mobile orders and Call Centre Order

Track and Manage

Pending Orders

Assign for Packing

Assign to Drivers for Delivery

Track Driver

Self-Pick Up Orders