Cloud vs. On Premise

Cloud Deployment

Cloud is here to stay and reluctance to adapt to the changed scenario and leverage cloud capabilities is not a viable option for any modern business, as it offers flexibility and a lower IT cost, a must to survive and sustain. Besides, doing business on the web is not anymore a ‘future’, it is the ‘present’; web helps remove most of the location-dependent anxiety that gets in the way of communication, collaboration, and trading. Traditionally, software used to be delivered in boxes, and could be used within a closely defined premise and had to be in the same location as the people that used it. The web removes these constraints, which in turn becomes the basis for innovative ways of interacting and doing business.

With a 360-degree unified view of your business that PERPS Cloud ERP suite of business applications offers, anytime, from anywhere by putting all your business functions on to a single platform on the Cloud and automating and integrating them, end-to-end., you can drive innovation across the value chain, improve efficiency, and reduce costs and time to market. The entire suite of products are accessible over the Internet, which gives you the freedom to access information from any part of the globe at the click of a browser button, whether from a laptop, a PDA, mobile phone or a tablet PC. So, your business users can monitor, manage and execute tasks on the move.

Advantages of moving your ERP on Cloud:

While deploying PERPS Cloud ERP suite of business applications, you don’t need to invest in IT infrastructure such as hardware, middleware, network, etc. You don’t need to invest in a database or operating system either. Since the solution is offered on a subscription basis, you don’t have to pay license fees or AMC. Instead, you will only incur operating expenditure. Based on your usage, you will be paying only for the services used and nothing more. Further, if you wonder that whether one size fits all, it may not at times. That’s the reasons we offer a comprehensive Add-on options, which enables you to build your own unique set of extended features, adding to the existing functionality. All additional changes can be done without modifying the standard product source code. As a result, upgrades are not compromised.

On Premise

As attractive as cloud environments can be, some large unique organization would still prefer to manage and maintain their sensitive data and ensure compliance with regulations about where certain data can be stored and who can access the data. Even building private clouds may leave them vulnerable by aggregating many different types of sensitive data onto a single platform. For them traditional way of doing business might still be closer to their heart. By deploying an On premise ERP they feel that the business data is close to the source and there are no worries of security threats, data leaks and other security problems. Further, On premise ERP gives control over systems (infrastructure) and data which becomes very important in case of very sensitive business data. As on premise ERP is used to handle payroll and accounting, analyse/simulate business processes or control inventory/supply chain issues, the businesses might want very specific and detailed usage of the software. Also at times, On premise ERP allows the in-house IT staff to improve/tweak the software or customize it for specific business applications. If you fall under this category and looking for an On-Premise ERP that gives more control and ownership, we have a perfect solution for your IT needs. PERPS On-Premise ERP suite of business applications answers your on-premise technology pursuit.

Irrespective of the deployment nature, the PERPS ERP suite of business applications offers you extensive and integrated features that include highly configurable modules, intuitive workflow, user-defined security, and robust reporting and analytics. We believe that enterprise apps should be as dynamic and usable as consumer apps. PERPS On-Premise ERP suite of business applications is technology agnostic and provides for change on demand, so that you can protect your past investments and future-proof your current infrastructure.