Peasy Analyse

Peasy Analyse

A competent Business Intelligence Suite should meet the needs of all user types without discriminating between sales, operations, finance or production.

Peasy Analyse has been designed to provide analysis which is the critical component for organisations to establish and cascade strategy to all users and to implement personalised, summarised and detail views to meet the needs of every user so that the Sales Manager, CFO, Operations Manager, team leader and line manager have the most meaningful information to solve problems, adapt to changes, establish or revise processes and develop and monitor metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to provide objective, measurable business results.

In the competitive environment in which today’s organisations has to excel to stay ahead of competition, the need for up-to-date information to drive intelligent decisions is the key to achieve business success. More informed decisions means enhanced revenue, reduced risk, decreased cost, and better operational control for business agility and competitiveness.

Yet, in today’s technology-driven, fast paced, global business landscape, business organisations struggle with an overload of information in various forms and from various sources. Business users find it increasing hard to filter, sort and analyse data in a timely fashion and organisations are always running to catch up and solve problems, adapt to the changing market and remain competitive.

Whether you are a CFO, IT Manager, end-user, Business Consultant, Operations Manager or Sales Representative, you need to work smarter and faster. You are expected to stay abreast of the latest goals and objectives and to manage strategic, operational and tactical goals to optimise business results. To achieve these goals you need a concise, intuitive data view – one that provides both summary and detailed information and one that will allow you to drill down, summarize, look at history, forecast and predict the future and perform numerous other tasks, all with the click of a mouse!


Peasy analyse dashboards can provide a customized snapshot of daily operations, and assist the user in identifying problems and the source of those problems, as well as providing valuable, up-to-date information about financial results, sales and other critical information – all in one place!

  • Readily available, easy-to-use, predefined dashboard templates to create custom views
  • Simple, drag and drop, interactive building blocks
  • Quick views and analysis throughout
  • Easily customised, stunning, professional charts and objects with appealing formats and templates
  • Link to any other objects
  • Ranking of rows and columns
  • Drill down and roll-up up any graphs from within dashboard
  • Time series filtering with absolute, relative range criteria
  • Quick filtering using hierarchical tree view
  • Brochure quality printing with all page setting and printing options
  • Export to PDF, JPEG
  • Delivery, publishing and sharing that enables design, publishing and schedule delivery of dashboards to selected users through publishing and delivery agent

Key Performance Indicators

Peasy analyse provides simplified KPI management and tracking with powerful features, formulae and expressions, and flexible frequency, and threshold levels. This module enables clear, concise

definition and tracking of performance indicators for a period, and measures performance as compared to a previous period. Intuitive, colour highlighters ensure that users can see these indicators in a clear manner and accurately present information to management and team members. Users can further analyse performance with easy-to-use features like drill down, drill through, slice and dice and graphical data mining. Simple, sophisticated definition of KPI

  • Flexible formulae and powerful expressions
  • Custom frequency and threshold levels
  • Easy-to-use and configure
  • Multi-layered access rights, to ensure that the right people see the right KPI information
  • Clear, concise tracking of performance indicators for the period, and ability to compare previous period
  • Intuitive, color highlighters and displays
  • Gauges and tabular presentation for intuitive presentation
  • Detailed analysis of KPI performances and the reasons for the performance results
  • Easy-to-use analytical features; drill down, drill through, slice and dice and graphical data mining
  • Views and displays that are flexible and meaningful to every business user

Forecasting and Predictive Analysis

The predictive analysis in Peasy Analyse uses historical product, sales, pricing, financial, budget and other data, and forecasts the measures with numerous time series options, e.g., year, quarter, month, week, day, hour or even second to improve your planning process.

  • Proven Forecasting Algorithms, Delivered with Simplicity
  • User guides to help business users choose the best forecasting algorithm to satisfy their needs
  • Time series forecasting by year, quarter, month, week, day, hour and second
  • Aggregated data for roll up and detailed data by drill down
  • Cross tab, tabular and graphical displays
  • Proven forecasting models for complex analytical needs without the need for technical or statistical knowledge

What If, Sensitivity Analysis

The What If, Sensitivity Analysis Module allows users to see the impact of a prospective change to a product, service, resource allocation, budget, project schedule, pricing, raw material cost, labour cost, or other factors and compare that change to other options to ensure they have considered the impact resulting from each option. Users can select the appropriate option and predict and document results to plan for long-term and short-term results and for necessary resources, training, funding and competitive response and achieve meaningful and confident planning across the organisation.

  • Determine the impact of a change to a product, service offering, resource allocation, budget reduction, project schedule, pricing, raw material costs, or labour costs
  • Compare options and strategies to ensure that you have considered all factors and all possible impact resulting from each option are considered
  • Predict and document results to determine the long-term and short-term results and plan for necessary resources, training, funding and competitive response
  • Collaborate and share options and choices
  • Cascade flexible, graphical perspectives and cross tab views to share information with colleagues

Cross-Tab OLAP Analysis

Cross-tab OLAP analytics offers a 3600 view of your business, seamless integration with data extraction and cube management features, and ad-hoc queries and BI reporting so you can take full advantage of BI with a clear view of corporate performance and the ability to slice and dice data, drill down, drill up and drill through to find the most relevant information.Dynamic analysis design

  • Interactive, easy-to-use analysis design wizard
  • Easy to use drag and drop outer liner layer and outer interface to support four dimensional analysis through dynamic cross tabs
  • Multiple page dimension filters
  • Runtime retrieval parameter on loading OLAP analysis
  • Drill-up, drill-down to higher or lower levels of dimension
  • Drill-through
  • Many data operations with new operations added to the solution frequently
  • Create graphical view of analysis
  • User defined row and column with powerful expression building
  • Numerous summary operations with frequent upgrades to add additional operations to the solution: Suppress rows and columns with all zero values
  • Spot lighters with colour or text-based spot lighters to highlight cells
  • Sorting rows and columns ascending, descending or based on data values
  • Ranking of rows and columns according to Top 5, Top 10, etc.
  • Filtering: On loading data from cube, on front end, advanced expressions
  • Show/hide row and column values
  • Easy-to-use options to show all columns / rows, exclude unwanted columns / rows and show a particular column / row only
  • Group and ungroup selected rows and columns
  • Value mapping for user friendly display of data
  • Access to central cube repository objects like Custom Measure, Custom Dimension Values, Spot Lighter, Data Value – Display Value Mapping
  • Time Series filtering with absolute, relative and range criteria.
  • Cell notes and table notes with private or public option
  • Comprehensive cell formatting with resizing and renaming
  • Sharing and Publishing
  • Exports: PDF, CSV, XML, JPEG, XLS
  • Sharing and publishing: design, publish and schedule delivery of analyses to selected users through Publishing and Delivery agent

Graphical OLAP

Graphical Business Intelligence (BI) OLAP technology makes it easy for your users to find, filter and analyse data, going beyond numbers, and allowing users to visualize the information with eye-catching, stunning displays, and valuable indicators and gauges, charts, and a variety of graph types from which to choose.

  • Dynamic Graphical OLAP Design
  • Interactive easy-to-use graph building wizard
  • Drag and drop graphs generation through layered outer interface to map dimensions and hierarchies with axes and drill down levels
  • Multiple page dimension filters
  • Users can easily add multiple measures and custom measures to graphs
  • Slice and dice
  • Runtime retrieval parameter on loading Graphical OLAP
  • Drill-up and drill-down to higher or lower levels of the dimensions
  • Auto generate graphs directly from analysis view
  • Numerous graph and gauge types, including bubble, doughnut and radar charts.
  • On-the-fly, flexible chart type changes
  • Flexible gauges with professional, visual appeal
  • Access to central cube repository objects like custom measure, custom dimension values, spot lighter, data value, display value mapping
  • Time series filtering with absolute, relative and range criteria.
  • User-friendly operation within graphs

Exception Reporting and Alerts

Exception reporting allows users to define threshold points and monitor Key Performance Indicators and metrics, and receive alerts to notify them when exception conditions occur. Users have the ability to set, modify and delete alerts based on specific thresholds.

  • Easy customisation to support any type of alert
  • Quick views and clear alerts to detect critical thresholds or deviations
  • Colour or text-based highlights on cells as established by user
  • Dynamic change in highlights on exception conditions
  • User-friendly operation
  • Meaningful gauges to illustrate results and depict thresholds – something like this
  • Easy creation and modification of alerts as needed
  • Sharing and publishing including design, publish and schedule delivery of BI business intelligence and performance reports and defined alerts to selected users through publishing and delivery agent.


Peasy Analyse Reports delivers your web-based BI reports to anyone (or everyone) in your organisation within minutes! The BI suite is simple to use, practical to implement and affordable for every organization. With our BI reporting and performance reporting module, you just point-and-click and drag-and-drop and you can instantly create a report to summarize your performance metrics, or operational data.

  • Simple wizard-based interface and report design features with ready-to-use templates.
  • Dynamic report design
  • Tabular and cross-tab report presentation styles with graphs
  • Multiple page dimension filters
  • User-friendly operation within Reports
  • Powerful BI and performance reports with preview, sorting, filtering, and spotlight
  • Comprehensive BI reports and performance report formatting features: Header, Footer, Page Number, Date, Insert Graphical Objects, Page Orientation, Page Size, Grouping, Group Summary, Report Summary and more…
  • Numerous graph types including bubble, doughnut and radar charts
  • Comprehensive graph formatting with 2D/3D view, transparency, anti-alias, and graph alignment
  • Time series filtering with absolute, relative and range criteria
  • Sharing and publishing including design, publish and schedule delivery of BI business intelligence and performance reports to selected users through publishing and delivery agent.
  • Brochure quality printing with all page set and print options
  • Export to PDF, CSV, XML, JPEG, XLS

Publishing and Delivery Agent

The Peasy analyse publishing and delivery agent is designed to meet every need and to ensure that every business user has the information they need. BI objects, reports, cross-tab, graphs or dashboards can automatically be delivered to help them stay abreast of issues, opportunities, financials, sales and other metrics. You have access to critical information whether you are on the road or in the office, and you will see this information in a form and view that is meaningful to you, on a schedule you define.

  • Power users can design and publish analyses, graphs, reports and business intelligence dashboards for other users and configure the scheduler for automatic delivery of these objects
  • The publishing agent sends reports and information to selected users or to all users as specified
  • The solution enables publication of reports and data in various delivery formats including PDF, CSV, XLS, JPG, XML
  • Information delivery can be automated using the built-in scheduler or through one time publishing using the Publish Now feature
  • Provides automatic update and delivery of analyses, graphs, reports and business intelligence dashboards
  • Delivery may be scheduled through email or a centralized file system
  • User-friendly operation
  • Sharing and publishing including design, publish and schedule delivery of BI business intelligence and performance reports to selected users through publishing and delivery agent.
  • Simple, flexible personalization features and secured, protected user access rights
  • Brochure quality printing with all page set and print options

Data Extraction, Data Transformation, Cube Management

Our Business Intelligence data extraction, data transformation and data management solution provides the foundation for your organisation to extract, load and transform (ETL) data using an intuitive, graphical interface, through a unified, powerful browser-based platform.

Connect and extract data from JDBC manageable relational data bases and data files (CSV files)

  • Configurable database connection profiles
  • Create cube with easy-to-use interactive wizard, or through SQL query
  • Command line interface to create and update cube
  • Scheduler support to refresh cube automatically
  • Refresh cube with incremental update options
  • Email notification on various cube events for failure or success
  • Verify cube size before creating cube
  • Compress cube to reduce size
  • Dimension map and logical hierarchies
  • Multi-node multi-hierarchical dimension map
  • Automatic multiple time dimension generation
  • Financial Year and Calendar Year within Time Series
  • Create Linked cube from existing cubes by supporting JOIN and UNION
  • Single cube repository listing of all cubes
  • Cube repository objects for custom measures, custom dimension values, spot lighters, data value – display value mapping
  • Automatic time series on date fields with year, quarter, month, week, day, hour, minute and second hierarchy
  • Simple wizard-based interface enables quick set-up and integration of disparate data sources
  • Multi-dimensional, dynamic security features to provide appropriate user access to information

Balanced Scorecards

The Balanced Scorecard is at the heart of the P easy analyse Corporate Performance Management solution. P easy analyse Balanced Scorecards include strategy maps, perspectives, objectives and measures and metrics all designed to present an holistic view of performance at every level of the organization. Users can view data from a specific perspective to analyse finance, customers, processes and learning and growth results. Robust impact and sensitivity analysis enables smart decisions about strategic, tactical and operational activities and ensures business success.

  • Superior interoperable architecture
  • Zero-based footprint browser interface
  • Flexible, powerful user management with user groups, rights and roles to suit each user role.
  • Privacy restrictions and robust security policies.
  • Easy to use and configure
  • Digital scorecards and dashboards that are easy to use, easy to create, and easy to interpret
  • Multi-level scorecards, e.g., corporate, strategic, business unit, department, team or individual can add geography here
  • Users can easily customise, personalise and publish and share balanced scorecards
  • Enables complex multivariate non-linear analysis.
  • Users can review and manipulate metrics to consider historic performance and determine the impact of these metrics and interdependencies of actions
  • Results provide focus and highlight logical next steps