• "Just to draw your attention towards the benefit we have gained from implementing PERPS in the current year and we are very much thankful to you for providing the best possible solution wherein we have seen considerable increase in our profits and turnover with same number of staff and with the existing product line and only reduction I have experienced is my involvement in the routine work. "

    MD, India Operations, Leading multinational manufacturer of Electrical switch gears

  • "It gives me great pleasure to tell you how much I have enjoyed working with PIIPL and the wonderful team. I am impressed with the effort you and your team made to understand our web portal requirements and to design a solution. Your team helped me understand the issues and the proposed solution. The prices were very competitive and the account manager was wonderful in her efforts to keep me in the loop."

    CEO, Europe based web service provider

  • "It was very important for us to find a technology partner that would understand our business;and best advise us on ways to utilize myriad technological services to streamline our business processes, increase revenues, integrate quality controls, and ultimately aid in improving our customer experience. Additionally, we wanted a technology firm that would treat us as a priority. PIIPL has met all of these expectations and more. Our experience with them has been,and I am confident will remain exceptional. From the effort of communications to the implementation of Executive Dashboards, they ARE the most effective and responsive partner we have. We are very pleased with the tools provided for our web-portal;as well as back-end business applications and marketing performance tracking."

    MD, India Operations, Leading multinational manufacturer of Electrical switch gears

  • "Our main requirement was and is to minimize the administration process within the company and in all international subsidiaries through modern organization methods. A significant contribution to the successful fulfillment of this requirement was provided by the PERPS ERP Suite because it supports the organization and does not as many other systems do, force the organization to use inflexible IT systems."

    CTO, Manufacturer of Electronic Products

  • "The implementation at our first location took twelve weeks and after acquiring another company, we were able to train the new staff for the second implementation ourselves and it took only six weeks to go live. "

    CEO, North America based SME

  • "PERPS has made a major difference to us. This ERP is easy to use and extremely user friendly, it has the functionality of more expensive ERP systems that we looked at, and is flexible so that we can modify it to suit our needs. It has the most useful practical features and user level security. I am very impressed with the level of technical support which is provided by PIIPL after we implemented the ERP. It's a great product at a great price."

    CEO, Manufacturing company in India and Africa

  • "I have such a passion for your product now and know so many companies who could benefit from using an ERP like PERPS to make their lives and their client's easier!. "

    CEO, North America based SME

  • "PERPS is critical to the flow of our daily operations. The on-demand and real time department wise process collaboration that the solution provides our team is a competitive differentiator by making our production and distribution perform seamlessly and responsive to the needs of our customers, saving us time and resources, and therefore giving us the freedom to deliver better. PIIPL has been helping manufacturing companies reduce cost and inventory without effecting their competitiveness in quick launch of new products, speed time-to-market or order-to-cash cycles. Our customers have been leveraging IT to optimize their entire process resulting in a better enterprise level decision making."

    MD, Manufacturer of Power Resistors